Plaid for Dad is back for 2017!
People across Canada will be wearing plaid on June 16th to help protect men from prostate cancer. Registration is open now! Get your workplace involved in this fun and easy campaign that’s helping create a better future for men and their families.
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Why do it
Leading up to Father’s Day, a time when the focus is already on men and families, we can raise funds and awareness to help protect men from prostate cancer - the most common cancer affecting men.

Whether it’s a shirt, a tie, a scarf, or even a suit – if it’s plaid it’ll work! With just a simple wardrobe choice, you’ll be helping protect the 1 in 8 men who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.
I am a dad and a grandad with prostate cancer and will be proud to wear plaid.
Tom Z.
My dad loved plaid so it's easy to wear it to celebrate his life and try and beat this cancer that got the best of him.
Andrea E.
I'm wearing plaid for my dad and also all the other dads out there.
Diva S.
I'm wearing plaid for all of my grandchildren, so they can always have their dads around.
Garnet S.
I'm wearing plaid for my husband and brother... both are fighting prostate cancer.
Patricia M.
I'm wearing plaid for all of my grandchildren, so they can always have their dads around.
Garnet S.
For all the men who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, and my husband, a prostate cancer survivor.
Marta B.
For men, everywhere, who have, are, and may battle prostate cancer. It may even be me...
Gaetan M.
Why People are Wearing Plaid
As a life-long resident of the historic black community of Upper Hammonds Plains, NS, I will be wearing Plaid for Dad on Friday, June 17th.
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My family and I have a very personal connection to prostate cancer. I hope that by sharing our story we can help another family benefit from our experience. If it were not for my wife’s vigilance and persistence my story might be very different.
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When Evan Hickey learned that his father, Bob, had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, he was shocked – left with what he describes as “a very surreal feeling”. That was in 2009, and at the time he didn’t know much about the disease. He had a lot of questions…
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Thank you Hudson’s Bay!
Canadians who were looking to update their plaid for this year’s campaign were able to do so through Canada’s most iconic retailer, Hudson’s Bay, who became the Official Retail Partner of Plaid for Dad. Through the support of the HBC Foundation, six different, limited-edition Hudson North plaid shirt designs were created, with $12 from each sale going to benefit prostate cancer research.
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