Hillis Family's Story

My family and I have a very personal connection to prostate cancer. I hope that by sharing our story we can help another family benefit from our experience. If it were not for my wife’s vigilance and persistence my story might be very different. She insisted that I ask my Doctor to check my PSA, and, to our surprise, I was diagnosed with medium-risk prostate cancer in October of 2014. With the guidance of a great Urologist, we decided on a Radical Prostatectomy. I have now been cancer-free for several years. 

I could not have gone through this life-changing disease without the support and unconditional love of my entire family. Together, we will wear plaid for Dad on June 15th. 

Finally, I was completely overwhelmed when I was diagnosed, and the team at Prostate Cancer Canada provided me with helpful information and support when I needed it most. In turn, I am pleased to volunteer my time to help other families face this disease and ensure that men get tested early. My sons will get an early baseline PSA test for sure. 

Please join us and wear Plaid for Dad on the 15th. Future generations will thank you!