Tribute Wall

This Tribute Wall honours the special men in our lives who have inspired us and helped make the world a better place! And it’s why we’re inspired to go Plaid for Dad to help protect men from prostate cancer. You can add a tribute by donating now.

For all Dads!
Bruno Mahl
Mark Mahl
Friends Lloyd & Rob
Hugh McLeod
Lethbridge Bulls
Jourdan Jones
James Reid
Katrina Reid
Irwin Mendleson
Irwin Mendleson
Dennis Logan
Linda Logan
Steve Zatzman
Terry Sheppard
Norman Querubin
Norma Querubin
Plasma Donors @CPR
Canadian Plasma Res.
Steve Zatzman
Leslie Dubinsky
Donald MacLachlan
Margaret Mckillop
Arnold brothers
Harpal Malhi
Steven Zatzman
Marilyn Conrod
Tim and Alain
Warren Markwart
Rob "Stewy" Stewart
Jim and Val Stewart
Bennett Jones LLP
Bennett Jones LLP
Bob Howe
Jamie Howe
André Jetté
Service Freight Team
Rob Tenbrinke
Larry Keddy
Linda Keddy
Gerald Christensen
Ken Christensen
Wayne Forth
Bev Mooney
My dad
Constanze Chen
Echelon Toronto
Echelon Wealth Toronto
Gary B (Nova Scotia)
Hannah King
Alphonsus Doody
RBC Water Street 09453
Al Chesterman my Dad
Connie Carl
FC Kitchener :)
Ashley Maki
Malcolm Moffat
Rob Kinnaird
Bill McPhearson
Michael Smith
Franky Francis
Lucas Francis
Francis MacEachern
Lisa Aikens
Ercole Serafini
Johanne Serafini
Weston Forest
Rick Ekstein
Boris Chambul
Camille Donovan
Dennis Lunt
Darren Lunt
Daryl Clark
Kalayna Kelpin
Cwood Office
Jay Anstey
Claudia DiPaola
Claudia DiPaola
Hong Yan
Bolton Nissan team
Bolton Nissan
Vic Page
Lew Page
Wendy Bulmer
Albert John Owen
André Jetté
Jean Vincent
David Sylvester
Richard Falbo
Brian Sproston
Brian Sproston
Clark Gordon Swartz
Virginia Swartz-Moncrieffe
Echelon Wealth Partn
Echelon Wealth Partners
Adam Brewell
Adam Brewell
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson
Nick Kaplanis
Oliver Pederson
Bill Ferris
Jackie Heusdens
Andre Jette
Colleen Martin
Dilawar Parmar
Daisy Parmar
William Isley
Big D
Vivian Daurie
Rudy Wigger
Yvonne Derksema
Stewart Doupe
Grant Doupe
Bryan Wilson
Tyler Murdoch
David Harrison
Harry Myshynuik
Shelley Beauchesne
For all Dads!
Peter M. Paylor
Michael Paylor
Holly Potter
John Wormington
Nancy Wormington
John Flute
Alicia Bond
Rocco Rossi
Mr. Lube
UPI Energy FS
Jodi Shackleton
Brian, Pete & Alan
Heather Oda
Neculai Culinescu
Rachel Prestayko
Walter H.
Danielle Hopkins
John Waters
Jean Waters
Neil Ellison
Stacy-Ann Pothier
Grampy Lapointe
Cathy McPhail
Drew Delaware
Louis-Yves Cloutier
Ana Carvalho
Ross Pitcher
Chris Humby
Roel VanZandwyk
Wendy Friske
Roger Moore
Claire Cowan
Gerald Couroux
Karen Whalen
Gary Brown
Applicant Services
Ariana Astle
Patrick Apostoli
Saveria (Rina) Apostoli
Len Hutchinson
Leorry Dwyer
Wayne Forth
Donna Hammerquist
Pat Fennessy
Dan Jmaeff

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